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If you like Indian food and don’t have time to cook then tiffin services are at your rescue. There is an increasing number of restaurants in Surrey now offering them. I’ve tried tiffins from Satya Asha, nav sweets and Shahi catering. They each have their pros and cons and you may like one over the other based on your personal preferences. If you’re interested, do your research and clarify exactly what’s included before paying. I would also recommend getting the restaurant staff to write down specifically what’s included in the price. I find there to be a lot of confusion in some restaurants, where each employee seems to have their own opinion of the price and what goes with it.

Below is a list of a few restaurants that I know offer tiffins. If there are some that I’m missing please email me so I can update the list!

Restaurant NamePriceServesIncludesChoice of CurryNumber of DaysReview/ Notes
Bharat Sweets & Restaurant $200 veg/ $225 non veg 1-2Curry + 6 rotisYes upto $97Haven't tried them yet
Shahi Catering $220 veg /260 non - veg1-21 curry + 6 rotis No7Decent
Green Indian Cuisine pizza & Sweets Ltd. $220 Both Veg & Non-veg2Curry + 8 + SaladNo7Haven't tried them yet
Rama Sweets & Restaurant$230 - veg / $260 non-veg  1-21 curry + 6 rotis /3 naanNo 7Haven't tried them yet. For non veg tiffin meat is only served 2 days/ week
Urban Masala Grill and Restaurant$240 veg/ $300non-veg11 dal + 2 vegetables + 6 rotis + salad + raitaNo7Haven't tried them yet
Parmar Sweet Shop & Restaurant $250 both veg and non-veg2Curry 10 rotis + saladNo7Haven't tried them yet. Non-veg is served 1 day/ week
Surrey Punjab Dhaba$250 Veg & $290 Non Veg 1-21 curry + 4 Tandoori RotiYes6 Love it. For Non Veg meat is served 4 days a week and veg for 2 days
Mughal Palace$250 both veg and non-veg1-21 curry + 6 Tandoori rotisNo7Haven't tried them yet. Non veg is served 1 day a week
Kwantlen Pizza Sweets & Snacks $275 Both veg & non veg 2Curry + 8 Rotis + Salad (wed non-veg)No7Haven't tried them yet
Diamond Sweets$280 veg or $350 non veg1-21 curry + 6 rotis Yes7Decent
Satya Asha$250 veg1-22 curries (small portions) + 6 rotisNo6Love it
Taste of Punjab$280 Veg or non veg1-21 curry + 6 rotis Yes7Haven't tried them yet
Taj Sweets$2801-21 curry + 6 rotis No7Decent
Veggie Garden Pizza Cafe & Restaurant $300/$260/$2301-2Curry+6 roti+ saladNo7/6/5Haven't tried them yet
Saggi Sweets & Restaurant$325 Both veg and non-veg2Curry + 8 rotisYes7Haven't tried them yet
Planet India$390 for both Veg and non-veg1-2Curry + naan + rice + salad + raita Yes6Haven't tried them yet.