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by Vani January 7, 2018

Address: 9386 120 St #103, Surrey, BC V3V 4B9
Phone: (604) 288-7845
Website: https://keralakitchen.ca

New baby on Scott road, opened less than 3 months ago. We were super excited to try this place out and find some new favourites.
I’ll get the worst out of the way. The interiors are mighty awful. There’s red paint everywhere with red faux leather booths and chairs, a small reception like desk at the entrance and a bar at the end of the room. Dim the lights, add a pole and this place could double as a cheap nightclub whose interiors should never see the light of day. That being said, the restaurant was very clean. I’ll take cleanliness over good interiors any time.

The food:
We played it safe from the Indo Chinese menu and the chowmein. This was extremely oily and tasted as though the noodles were just removed from an Indian curry dish then fried and served. I wouldn’t recommend it.
From the South Indian menu, we ordered the vegetarian thali which included a whopping 12 items, Mysore masala dosa, chicken 65 and chicken biryani.
I would definitely recommend the thali which came with a huge bowl of Lamb curry. The Mysore masala dosa and Sambhar were spot on delicious but the chicken 65 was overcooked and didn’t have much of a flavour to it.
The biryani though had the potential to be my favourite biryani in the city until they added a million nuts and raisins to it. That overwhelmed the whole dish especially the raisins, it made the biryani sweet. My pet peeve is expecting something savoury and it ends up being sweet. I find that offensive and borderline criminal, but that’s just me. If you like nuts in your biryani then you might just go nuts over this one.

We came back later to try out a few more dishes. We ordered sambhar varda, paneer butter masala, rasam, papard and chilli paneer. The sambhar varda, rasam and papard were all really good. For the chilli paneer and paneer butter masala i found the paneer to be on the firmer side. It was also fried which gave it a rubbery texture so those dishes didn’t sit well with me.

When we came the first time we got a male server who was lively, talkative and he knew what was what. But the second time when we came our server was a girl who just seemed lost and wasn’t present at all, it just seemed like she was spaced out when I was talking to her. What really upset me was when I saw how she had packed our left overs.  She’d pack all our gravy and saucy items in those styrofoam containers. So when I opened the bag there was sambar and paneer butter masala gravy everywhere and a pool of sauce at the bottom of the bag which had also seeped onto my car seat.

This place was a hit and a miss. I liked their South Indian food but the paneer and Chinese dishes were a let down.

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