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The Case of Sweet Sweet Jalebi – Taj Sweets

by Vani January 9, 2018

Address: 12047 80 Ave #103, Surrey, BC V3W 1M9
Phone: (604) 543-9113

Have you tried it? If not, go get yourself one! Jalebi is probably one of the sweetest things you’ll try. It’s best eaten hot and a perfect treat for the winter.

Taj sweets is situated in a tiny strip mall adjacent to Furticana (South Asian equivalent of T&T) which is extremely busy. They seemed to have monetized that to their advantage by opening up a Hot Jalebi stand right outside. Clever!
You can smell the sweet fragrance of fresh jalebis being fried everytime you are in its vicinity. And it’s incredibly hard for me to control myself when I’m there. I love that I can get FRESH jalebis from here. There are a multitude of Indian bakeries selling Jalebis but most of them are pre-cooked and cold which takes away from it’s taste and crispiness.
These go for $5 a pound which is frankly more than enough for 2 people. You can’t eat too many of these at once. Unless you’re me and you’re not scared of diabetes.

What is a Jalebi?
It’s a flour batter which is deep fried in circles till it forms hollow tunnels on the inside and the exterior becomes crispy and crunchy. It is then soaked in a sugar syrup which fills up the tunnels, so when you bite into the jalebi the syrup oozes out.

I don’t know if my explanation has scared you off into thinking it’s disgustingly sweet or enticed you. I hope it is the latter.

Let me know if you tried and what you thought are!


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