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Amritsari Chaat Bhandar

by Vani January 16, 2018

Address: Suite 335 8140 128 Street, Payal Business Center, Surrey, BC V3W 5L7
Website: amritsarichaat.ca
Phone: (778) 592-3700

Chaat restaurants are Indian fast food joints focusing on appetizers and quick meals. Off late there seem to be quite a few open up.
I wasn’t expecting much from here but I expected it to be at par with the other chaat joints in the area if not better.

We ordered: pav bhaji, sev puri, cholle bhaturae and bread rollers.
The food tasted like it was prepared in someone’s house. Like when you go to a friends house who tries to impress you with his cooking by following a recipe he found online. They get an A for effort and then everyone gets drunk and orders pizza.
So there’s nothing terribly wrong with food tasting like that but there’s a reason we come to eat at a restaurant. Which is to enjoy a different level of cooking. The pay bhaji had virtually no salt whilst the sev puri was too salty. The cholle bhature (the dish was sloppy) were my least favourite. The only dish that I liked were the bread rollers, they tasted similar to how my mom makes them. I personally prefer my homemade versions over the ones that were served here.

Overall I was really disappointed. This joint really needs to up its game if they want to be successful and have repeat customers. They do have a really good location and people will stop by out of curiosity but to have people come back you need to improve on your recipes, I see no other way.



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