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by Vani December 19, 2017

12047 80 Ave Ste 103 Surrey, BC V3W1M9
(604) 543-9113

Finally, I gave this place a shot and I’m glad I did. I tried their vegetarian lunch special for $8.99 and was pleasantly surprised. It came with 3 curries of the day + rice + raita (spiced yogurt) + REALLY good naan + tiny portion of salad. Not bad for the price. The interiors are very basic, nothing worth mentioning and the service was alright.

The 3 curries of the day that I was served were shahi paneer, channa masala & dal makhani. I really liked the shahi paneer. It was creamy, spicy and had just enough sweetness to offset the tanginess from the tomatoes. It’s the one dish I’ll definitely come back and order. The naan was really good too, pillowy soft and melted into my mouth!
I didn’t care much for the channa masala and the dal makhani. Dal makhani traditionally is very rich due to the addition of cream and butter and it’s cooked for a long period of time thus the rendering the lentils to dissolve almost completely into the gravy. The flavors were although all present in this dal makhani the texture wasn’t quite right. The lentils were firm and it was therefore obvious that it wasn’t cooked long enough. I guess you get what you pay for. It’s not 5 stars dining by any means but the food was good for the price.

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