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by Vani May 11, 2017

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Let me be clear, I stopped coming here due to the owners’ behavior. He doesn’t value nor respects his customers.  Arrogant, rude and greedy is what sums up his personality.  However, if you can get past his behavior, they do have one of the best tiffin services around.

I had subscribed to their Tiffin service for a few months and had no complaints and to this day I’ll recommend it to anyone.

I can only sing praises for it. It’s very efficient and ideal if you’re single or as a young family has no time to cook or don’t know how to. You can subscribe to their lunch box meals aka tiffin service on a monthly/ semi-annual/ annual basis. The longer you subscribe for the lower the cost goes. I found the prices very reasonable and cheaper than ordering take out daily.
It includes: 2 curries + (Option between 6 rotis OR 2 rotis & a side of rice OR 2 sides of rice).
The portions are generous and the order can be shared between two people.
As for the taste, it tastes like homemade food, however, their shahi paneer was delicious and I ordered it daily.

I can’t say much about their a la carte menu. The one time we ordered chili idly it was dry and I could easily tell South Indian food wasn’t their forte. The vegetable chowmein are mushy and everything else that we’ve tried isn’t worth purchasing. Most of the dishes were under seasoned and they just made me sad. Can food make you sad? I just got really depressed here.



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