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by Sahiba October 3, 2014
14783 108 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 1V9

Tel: (604) 588-0093

Tired of the usual McDonalds, Burger King crap? Try Texx big burger. This place although unassuming might just win your heart over with their simple, no-nonsense menu and burgers that’ll satisfy you for days.


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When we walked in the girl greeted us right away and asked if we’d been there before, we said no and then she proceeded to explain how the ordering system works there.

It’s simple, grab the menu, trick what you’d like, then add the gazillion toppings you want, go on they’re free ūüôā and then hand the menu to the cashier, pay and wait.¬†Not too hard.

I ordered the same unpretentious chicken burger. The patty was nice and crispy although it was a bit on the oily side for me. I enjoyed the addition of the green peppers and red onions not many places offer those.

I was however surprised that their soda fountain machine didn’t serve normal pop. It had all sorts of funky flavors none of which were good; I settled for the watered down iced tea.

My bill came to $13.09 which included the chicken burger + fries + pop

I’ll¬†definitely¬†be back to order more!




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