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by Sahiba October 26, 2014

This restaurant is now closed.

This is a small Fijian style Indian restaurant with cozy interiors and warm hosts. Fijian Indian cuisine has its roots in Fiji dating back to the late 1800’s during “British Raj”; when some Indians were “made” to emigrated there as laborers while some emigrated later out of choice. They’ve since retained their culture and food the best they can for decades. The food although Indian further evolved by using local ingredients readily available in Fiji (thanks Wiki).

We ordered our food for take out but by the time we were in we asked if we could dine in instead. The lady in this case I believe was the owner was very accommodating and seated us right away.

Ordered vegetable pakoras, they call it bhajia for $3.50. These were good considering the price.

Instead of ordering the usual curry we ordered Indian style Chinese food. Chicken chopsuey apparently is extremely popular amongst the Indian community in Fiji. So we ordered the chopsuey in chicken $10.99 and vegetarian $10.50 versions and it comes served on a¬†bed of rice. The vegetarian one looked very appetizing considering there were a whole bunch of vibrant¬†vegetables cooked to perfection, not over cooked by any means. I however, found it a touch sweet. Some might prefer it that way. I prefer the chopsuey from Chand’s who’s a few shops down. He doesn’t use as many vegetables as this place does but his sure tastes better (sorry Curry Leaf). Curry leaf certainly takes the prize as far as the visual appeal goes.

The vegetable chowmein¬† $11.50 were alright. The vegetables were diced as opposed being shredded. Apparently, they use the same medley of vegetables used in the chopsuey for the noodles too. These had a hint of sweetness too. I’m assuming the culprit is some type of sauce their using for these dishes.



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