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Burgoo (Main St)

by Sahiba October 8, 2014
3096 Main St Vancouver, BC V5T3G5

Tel: (604) 873-1441

I heard a lot about their Mac ‘n’ cheese and finally decided to give this place a fair shot. The restaurant itself has a rustic allure to it. A beautiful patio outside and dim lighting with cozy interiors on the inside. The atmosphere is conducive and perfect for a comfort meal but in style.

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Tip: Check your bill, they seem to charge for every little vegetable or seasoning you ask for and may not always disclose that to you upfront.

We tried their mac ‘n’ cheese three ways:
– Mac & cheese $13: This was really creamy, cheesy and delicious like any mac ‘n’ cheese would and SHOULD be. It would be ideal to have on a cold rainy evening however It wasn’t worth $13 in my books.
– Mac & more $15: As their website claims this one has aged white Cheddar, onion, thyme, bacon and peas, baked with breadcrumbs. It wasn’t as creamy as the mac & cheese therefore it didn’t quite jive with us.
– Mac ‘n’ more vegetarian version $16 + : I wrote plus because i know the price was more than the mac & more but don’t remember it exactly. I do remember being in shock though when i saw the bill. We asked our server if we could have onions and tomatoes on the mac & cheese to which she explicitly said “sure, it’ll just cost you the same as the mac & more”. Seemed fair at that time however that wasn’t the case on our bill. I was too lazy to dispute it, so I let it go.

Also, we’d requested our server if we could get chili flakes with our meal and she promptly said they don’t keep them at the restaurant. Weird, because I had had the mac ‘n’ cheese there just last week and was given them right away. I relayed that to her and she said she’ll go back and check after a few minutes she came back and said they had them however there was a cost of a $2 to get them. I found that ridiculous, they seemed to change prices for add ons as they please and frankly paying for some chili flakes is a joke. I  don’t respect restaurants that nickel and dime their customers.



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