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Akash Chaat House

by Sahiba October 19, 2014

8128 128 Street Payal Business Center, Surrey, BC V3W 1R1

Tel: (604) 288-2454

Akash chaat house is another one of those East Indian fast food restaurant concepts gaining traction in the community. Although they have a wide array of curry dishes the menu is mostly comprised of savoury snacks.

Amritsari Aloo Kulcha $6.49
These were really good. Its basically stuffed naan with curried potato filling. And for $6.49 you really do get a lot. I’m almost torn between the Amritsari kulcha you get here than the one you get at Aggarwals. I’m leaning towards this place mostly because of the quantity and the price. Flavour wise i can’t discern much of a difference.

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It’s a relatively small place and seems to be busy every time we’re there.  All the dishes that I’ve tried here have been good and the favourite being the Amritsari Kulcha $6.49.

The service however, isn’t good. Our server was cleaning a table which she left half way seeing that we were done to pack our left over food, without washing her hands. To add to that, her fingers partially dipped into the chickpea curry I had. Gross, my stomach turned. I didn’t say anything since the damage was done. Tip: just tell your server to bring the take out boxes to you in order to prevent any such accidents.

Favourites:  ❤ Amritsari aloo kulcha ❤ Pao bhaji

Below is direct link to their menu:

Pao Bhaji $6.49

Second best Pao bhaji I’ve had in Surrey. But portion wise this trumps the one I’ve had at Apna Chaat House.
Pao Bhaji originated in Mumbai and is a fusion of both Indian and Portuguese cuisines. The Pao meaning bun in Portuguese and the bhaji was an amalgamation of various Indian curries. Popular amongst the labourers in the 1850’s who were seeking a quick meal soon became a staple dish in the Indian restaurant joints.

Chicken Biryani  $8.99
Good biryani especially for the price.




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