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Surrey Pizza & Chicken

by Sahiba August 3, 2014
  8823 120 St, Delta, BC V4C 6R4

Tel: (604) 572-1122

Surrey pizza is our go to pizza place any time we’re craving that cheesy goodness (once a week ehm). I love their crust which is somewhat crisper than the one you’ll find at Gateway or Pizza hut. And the tomato sauce they put on it is very well balanced and my favorite out of all the pizzerias around.  They do charge more for delivery however despite that it still ends up being pretty reasonable. Delivery is fast usually within half hour to 40 mins. I was previously a devout fan of Venities pizza which is also close by however, I find that Surrey pizza is less greasy and the crust is well done here which I prefer.

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Please note: I haven’t incorporated the interiors rating for this review since it is a take out joint only.




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