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The Best Samosa in Surrey

by Sahiba August 17, 2014

What prompted me to start this search was the difference in opinion amongst various groups of people each claiming their halwai (bakery) made the best samosa in Surrey. However, upon inquiring further they’d either say they’ve tried samosas from a few places and decided on one and or they’ve stuck with the same place for years since they liked it the first time.
Truth be told it’s hard to screw up a samosa. So I decided to taste and compare the samosas from some of the most popular bakeries and ended up with 2 new favorites!

Prabhu Sweets ranked in first in terms of flavor. It was spicier than most and the closest to the ones you’d find in India. However as far a value and a well-rounded samosa which is likely to please the masses I felt Calgary sweets took the prize. Basant Sweets and Maharaja sweets ranked in last based on taste.

I purchased 2 from each restaurant and brought them home to compare them in terms of:

– Price
– Value

Starting from the winner of my hunt:

Calgary Sweets:

7928 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 4E9

(604) 591-9955

– Taste: The pastry of the samosa here was by far my favorite. It was crisp with just enough doughiness to not fall apart. The filling was very well balanced and didn’t have any overpowering masalas.
– Spiciness: Mild. This place would probably be your safest bet if you’re unsure of how you’d like your samosa. I really enjoy spicy foods however I didn’t miss the heat in this at all.
– Portion size: 107.5 grams avg
– Price: 70 cents
– Value: $.006/ gram (cheapest additionally they did give chutney on the side which was included in the price)


Prabhu Sweets:

7035 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 4E1

(604) 596-1308

-Taste: These were really good and probably the most authentic of all the samosas I tried today. They were packed with flavor and were very well seasoned.
Definitely on the spicier side but you don’t need to down it with water.
-Portion size:
 99.5 grams avg
– Price: 79 cents
-Value: $.007/ gram (above average cost however they did give chutney on the side which was included with an order of 2)


Aggarwal Sweets:

8158 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 1R1

(604) 543-0772

-Taste: Packed with flavor and defiantly reminded me of the Halwai’s (Indian bakeries) back home.
-Spiciness: on the spicy but again I don’t think it was overwhelmingly hot.
-Portion size: 119.5 grams avg
– Price: 75 cents each. No chutney with an order of 2.
-Value: $.006/ gram


Sanja Punjab:

12830 96th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3V6A8

Tel: 604-930-9099
-Taste: Seasoned well, good for on the go, nothing special.
-Spiciness: moderate
-Portion size: 85 grams avg. The smallest out of all the ones I tried.
– Price: 60 cents each. No chutney with an order of 2.
-Value: $.007/ gram


Pak Punjab:

8148 – 128 Street, Surrey, BC, V3W8J9

Tel: 604.592.3002
-Taste: I didn’t care for the samosa here. It was bland and boring much like the ones I’ve had in Vancouver. I also felt like there was a lot of MSG in this one.
-Portion size: 
92.5 grams avg
– Price:
 60 cents each. No chutney with an order of 2.
-Value: $.006/ gram


Maharaja Sweets:
This samosa attacked me with ginger. I don’t like ginger in my samosa just like I don’t like sugar in my curry. A weird reference I know but some people do it and I don’t get why. It’s cruel, please just stop.
-Spiciness: Moderate 
-Portion size:
93.5 grams avg
– Price:
75 cents each
-Value: $.008/ gram (most expensive however they did give chutney on the side which was included with an order of 2)



Basant Sweets:

8148 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 1R1

(604) 595-3535a

-Taste: Seasoned well, however, I didn’t like this one. If you’re a few steps away from this place and are in an urgent need of a samosa, sure go in and get yourself one. Whatever.
-Spiciness: Spicy
-Portion size: 107.5 grams avg
– Price: 70 cents each came with complimentary side of chutney with an order of 2
-Value: $.006/ gram (cheapest)




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